This is the Beginning

This is the beginning of my blog. I am typing this and wondering what am I doing?!

I have another blog for adulting. I love to help young adults succeed at life. Yet here I am interested in photography. Multi-passionate, I suppose! 

All my life I have stifled my passions because of what other people expected from me.

I have been interested in photography since I was in middle school. My parents bought me a basic point in shoot and I loved it! As I grew older and went to college the camera was definitely on the back burners, BUT I never been able to shake my desire for being behind the camera.

There is so much more to my story but this is just the beginning. I do want to share a few truths before I end this post.

  1. I am scared. I am afraid that people won’t understand my passion and that I will never have a chance to truly flourish as a budding photographer
  2. I am excited. I am so overjoyed by the opportunity to meet new people and challenge myself to think out the box to capture the important moments of others
  3. I am empowered. I am moved to walk in purpose even when I am not sure. I know this new venture will be exhausting but it will be worth it.
Oh Snap! I’m Starting a New Venture!

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