Brown Girl Brand

I love meeting people with ambition, strength, and focus. Shooting #BrownGirlBrand was such an amazing and inspiring experience because I truly felt inspired and proud to be my true authentic Brown Girl self.

I encourage you all to go support Brown Girl Brand at @browngirlbrand on IG!

The founder, Danny, of BGB is so charming and really has a heart for uplifting our melanin community.
To see women of different shades of brown come together to encourage and motivate one another was an experience I will always be grateful for! As a community we must strive to build COMMUNITY over competition. If we see each other as assets we can all survive and prosper.
To me, Brown Girl Brand, exemplifies, diversity and beauty in all shades. We are sisters, we are responsible for one another, we are stronger together.
We laughed, we slayed and we had an amazing shoot!
Head over here to see more of their photos and don’t forget to head over to @browngirlbrand and get some merch!
Items Used
Camera: Canon Rebel T6
Lens: 50mm/1.8 STM

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