Couples Sessions in the Gardens

Cator Woolford Gardens is quickly becoming my favorite location to do a shoot, especially couples sessions. Even when the sun is out there is still good light. In the evening during Golden Hour and Blue Hour, the light is even more amazing!

I absolutely love doing couples sessions because I love the look on the faces of two people in love. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together a couple’s session is something you will never forget. You will always get to look back and think about how you felt about your significant other in this exact moment.

While most couples are a bit shy in front of the camera, I love to learn a little about my couple and then I make a fool of myself so you are less focused about the camera and more focused on living in the moment.

If you’re interested in a couples session with me and have questions feel free to contact me or book your session today! I’d love to work with you.

Items Used:

Canon 6D



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