Letter to My Future Self as a Photographer

Right now, it is a struggle, but I am sure you have figured out so much.
Where are you now? Can you take a moment and call your parents? Can you take a moment and kiss your husband? Are you happy?
Take a moment to be still and remember why you wanted to be a photographer. Remember that you wanted to be an economical option for people who had stories that deserve to be share. Stay grounded and stay humble.
I hope you are enjoying life and all it has to offer. As you continue on, I hope you are constantly encouraged and reminded to be FEARLESS, seizing every opportunity to grow and learn in love and peace.
I hope you know how to use off camera flash and how to photograph in low light.
I really want to get into wedding photography, so I hope you are doing that.
I bet you are really good at portraits too.
You may even be too busy to come back and read this letter and compare yourself.
So here are a few of your starter pictures:

Here are some when you got the new 50mm lens and you were so excited!

I wonder what equipment you have now! Did you get the 85mm?
I hope you get a really cute backpack to carry your camera.
Lastly, I hope that you are really happy doing photography and that you are working with amazing brides and share the stories of people through portraits. Make sure you are staying true to yourself and being a light to others.
xoxox MK


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