• Letter to My Future Self as a Photographer

    Right now, it is a struggle, but I am sure you have figured out so much.   Where are you now? Can you take a moment and call your parents? Can you take a moment and kiss your husband? Are you happy?   Take a moment to be still and remember why you wanted to […]

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  • Brown Girl Brand

    I love meeting people with ambition, strength, and focus. Shooting #BrownGirlBrand was such an amazing and inspiring experience because I truly felt inspired and proud to be my true authentic Brown Girl self. I encourage you all to go support Brown Girl Brand at @browngirlbrand on IG! The founder, Danny, of BGB is so charming […]

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  • Photographing a Hair Model

    I tried something new! I photographed hair! I know this sounds weird, but it is common for cosmetologists and hairstylists to want their work photographed.   In this case she wasn’t a hair model, she was actually the stylist and she did her own hair. We did an awesome shoot and i got some shots […]

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